Welcome to the very first DealBox Community Update!

Every 4-6 weeks, we will be sending this publication out to our valued community members to update you on our progress, milestones, new relationships and all things DealBox!

We want to thank all of our valued members for their support in 2018 as it has proved to be both challenging, progressive and exciting and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Funding Updates

A. Beginning September 5th, we issued our latest and revamped Token Purchase Agreement and began to share our presale of DLBX Security Tokens with select relationships.

b. The latest token structure for our capital raise is 10 million tokens at $0.50 for proceeds of $5,000,000 in the presale and 25 million tokens at $1 for proceeds of $25,000,000 in the public sale. 

c. Through today, we have not yet publicly announced either the presale or public sale of DLBX Tokens. We anticipate making a public marketing and advertisement push come December 1st. It is our goal to have the presale closed by this point and announce the public sale at full scale rollout.

d. As of now, we have completed just under $2,000,000 in allocation for the $5,000,000 presale

Recent Initiatives

We have been BUSY!

a. Our team has been traveling across the country to meet with issuers, investors, strategic relationships and various partners virtually every week since the middle of the year

b. We have participated alongside our technology partners TokenIQ at several events including but not limited to the Los Angles Crypto Invest Summit and the Las Vegas World Crypto Con Conference. These events have proved fruitful from an investment standpoint as well as client and issuer relationship lens.

c. Our latest initiative is centered around syndication and distribution as we have hired a new President and Chief Investment Officer who we will introduce in the Team Member Updates section below. 

d. Along the lines of syndication, DealBox executives spoke at a private gathering of The Family Office Association in Newport Beach November 14th and 15th and the messaging was well received. We anticipate this relationship to continue as we progress and will be working to align ourselves with more groups like this in the future.

Issuer Client Updates

a. DealBox has on boarded a number of new clients we are extremely excited to work with! A warm welcome to our newest issuers, thank you for trusting DealBox with your company’s financial future! 

b. We will keep you updated on future press releases related to these new relationships as they become available. You can find several of the recent ones in the footer of this letter. 

We are pleased to introduce the following new clients:

Team Member Updates

John Nance

President and CIO

John Nance has been named President and Chief Investment Officer alongside Thomas Carter in the Chief Executive Officer capacity. John brings with him just under 10 years of experience in capital markets. John graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a business degree and a dual concentration in operations and finance as well as a minor in astrophysics. He has an extensive background in securities trading of all types, specifically in the commodity futures space and was trained and mentored by one of the prolific traders on the NYMEX in the Gold Ring. John has a deep understanding and proven track record of success in private equity and was an early cryptocurrency adopter back in 2012/2013. His core investor group continually makes strategic investments in exciting frontier industries and companies and consists of industry leading analysts, consultants and professionals.

Bradford Botes

Management and Marketing

Bradford Botes is working with our capital markets and business development group. Bradford graduated from the University of Alabama where he majored in Business with concentrations in Management and Marketing and has a firm background in sales. Prior to joining DealBox, Bradford operated a cryptocurrency hedge fund out of the south in Alabama and brings with him an in-depth knowledge of mining, cryptocurrency and is a key partner in our Mineset diversified mining strategy imitative which we will be formally introducing later this year.

David Castor

Legal counsel / Angel Investor Consultant.

David Castor has joined on as a secondary legal counsel and angel investor consultant. David is helping DealBox both on the capital raise side of our token sale as well as building strategic relationships for syndication/distribution and has been instrumental thus far. David is an attorney by practice and an entrepreneur at heart as the founder of ACH Ventures, LLC.

How  you can help

We couldn’t have gotten to this point in our business without the immense help of our family, friends and network.

That being said, we could use your help!

  • Currently, our number one priority is funding and the closing of both the presale and public sale so if you would like to connect us with investors you think our offering would be a good fit for, it would be appreciated and help accelerate our initiatives.
Deal Flow
  • We love helping other entrepreneurs with the difficulties and pitfalls of starting businesses and raising capital, if you know a company that could benefit from our expertise, let us know! We would be happy to do our best to assist them.
Strategic Relationships
  • We are constantly growing our relationships in the blockchain, FinTech, Capital Markets and Technology industries. Know someone or a business that you think could integrate into DealBox? Excellent, we are open to hearing your ideas as we value our community’s input immensely!

That’s it for the first edition of the DealBox Community Update! Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you before the next edition IS scheduled to be released just before Christmas.


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